Butler’s Operation Reports

I’ve updated the supporter’s registry, today. It’s too late….

I’m very sorry to inform that EMS service has suspended for some contries like Italy, Canada, and Australia, and so on. I will keep your packages at Captain’s studio until the service will resume and keep you updated the status. Dec 4, Butler

I’m very sorry to announce this.

Some of the packages that should have been shipped overseas have not been shipped for a long time due to miscommunication. I have already contacted the concerned fans directly by email, and the shipment is expected to be completed on Monday.
I apologize for the inconvenience.













Captain Duckling, who loves world’s firsts, planned the universe’s first (according to Hiyoko-do) serialized unique numbered SEATBELTS uniforms. However, following the my order quantity error, there have been a number of unexpected events that have slowed down various operations, and I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused many fans.

We have been in direct contact with some of you who have been particularly seriously inconvenienced.

I know this is an excuse, but…

Especially the unique numbered tag was a great challenge for us.

Since we planned the sewing process on the assumption that a crane would be working on it, but to our surprise, the worker was a chick, so the efficiency of the work was laughably low.

What’s more.

I found out that the chicks don’t know what a number is, which is a fundamental pitfall, and the unique number management has become extremely difficult and we are in a turmoil.

I apologize for my lack of foresight.