How to get one/入手方法


This T-shirt (SEATBELTS uniform) may be sold for a limited time in conjunction with events celebrating SEATBELTS.


Available only at Captain Duckling(Yoko Kanno)’s sheet music store./ひよこ隊長の譜面屋さんでのみ入手可能


“TANK!” is one of the signature tracks of Captain Duckling and SEATBELTS. You must have heard it as well.


Available only at Captain Duckling(Yoko Kanno)’s sheet music store./ひよこ隊長の譜面屋さんでのみ入手可能


シートベルツは、宇宙船に飛び乗ってLet’s Jamと叫ぶにもかかわらず、シートベルトはちゃんと締めてしまう、気の弱い人たちです。ただcoolなジャズミュージシャン、ではなく、少し変な人たちです。

宇宙を放浪しツアーをしていて、気が向けば地球に来ます。2009年にはライブを、2020年には動画を残したほか、Netflix版のCowboy Bebopに伴ってまた再来球したようです。

今度またいつ来球するかは不明です。公式サイト公式X( Twitter)でご確認ください。

SEATBELTS is a technical masters’ band led by Yoko Kanno, known as Captain Duckling, sometimes comes to the Earth.

SEATBELTS are a group of faint-hearted people who jump into spaceships and yell “Let’s Jam,” but fasten their seatbelts properly. They’re not just cool jazz musicians, they’re a little strange.
Even the leader of the group, Captain Duckling, doesn’t know exactly how many people are in the group, nor how long they have been active. They might actually exist in the world of Bebop.

SEATBELTS roam and tour the space, and when they feel like it, they come to Earth, leaving behind a live performance in 2009videos in 2020, and apparently another return with the Netflix version of Cowboy Bebop.

It is unclear when SEATBELTS will next come to Earth. Please check the information at official  site and her official X(Twitter).

SEATBELTS uniform/シートベルツ制服 & 「ぱちもの」

Size and Spec




There are genuine products produced by Captain Duckling and daily use “knockoffs.”

The genuine uniform has a unique number sewn onto the right sleeve, and there are fewer than 2,071 in the world. Of those, about 170 are for members and associate members, and nearly half of the remaining 2,000 are already owned by fans who have previously contributed (the captain never forgets a favor).

The knockoffs are secretly sold, only sourced from illicit manufacturers.


M size: length 66 cm/26 in x width 48cm/19 in <Soft fabric>
Mサイズ 着丈66×身幅48センチ <やわらかい生地>

L size: length 73 cm/28.7 in x width 54 cm/21.3 in
Lサイズ 着丈73×身幅54センチ

XL size: length 77 cm/30.3 in x width 56 cm/22 in
XLサイズ 着丈77×身幅56センチ

Eric Miyashiro size (3XL): length 83 cm/32.7 in x width 63cm/24.8 in
EricMiyashiroサイズ(3XL)  着丈83×身幅63センチ

Nishimura Koji size (American 3XL): length 85 cm/33.5 in x width 68.5 cm/27 in <American specifications>
西村 浩二 サイズ(アメリカン3XL) 着丈85×身幅68.5センチ<アメリカン仕様>

This is Japanese size. If you are not living in Asia, you might be better to check the exact size or order one size up.

Since this is a uniform of the SEATBELTS, we have produced a t-shirt that is just as cool as the SEATBELTS music. This t-shirt is produced by Captain Ducling and desigined, printed, tagged, folded and packed in Japan.

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